Recently, I purchased some curtains for a different room in our house. I had NO idea that they could be soo expensive! I truly thought they all came in the same size so when I found a design that I loved I jumped on the opportunity to bring them home. The only problem was that in order to put them up I then needed to buy the rod. What I originally thought was going to cost me about $30.00 ended up costing me $70.00. 

Needless to day, I decided to make some myself.


1. Tablecloths- Walmart $15.97 each (x4)

2. Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse- Walmart $5.00

3. Curtain Rod- Walmart $14.00 (for all 3) 

Total Cost: $82.88

Step 1: Iron out the kinks in your tablecloth.

Step 2: Place your fabric fuse (sticky side down) along the top of your table cloth.

Step 3: Peel of the backing of your fabric fuse.

Step 4: Fold the top of your tablecloth over so that your fabric fuse is in between (leave enough room for your curtain rod to go inside).

Step 5: Iron on top of what you just folded over. The heat meld your fabric fuse (It’s like double sided tape).

Step 6: Hang your curtain rod.

Step 7: Push your curtain rod through the top of your new curtain.

Step 8: Hang your new curtains and enjoy!


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