This was the chair before I got my hands on it. I did love it in white but I have a black antique desk and thought that if the chair was black it would be a perfect match.

What I bought: 

1. Fabric: Fabric Land $7.00

2.Spray Paint: Michaels $9.99 (1/2 off) – $5.00

Total Cost: $12.00

Step 1. Use your screw driver to take out the screws that attach your seat to your chair. 

Step 2. Pick your fabric. 

Step 3. Iron out your fabric. 

Step 4. Choose your Spray Paint. I used Krylon- Black. 

Step 5. Spray paint your chair (without the seat attached). Wear gloves so that you can wipe away any drips. 

Step 6. Staple your fabric to your seat. 

Step 7. Cut off the excess fabric. 

Step 8. Screw your seat back into the chair.

Step 9. Find the perfect spot.




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