Do you love the look and feel of a chic hotel room? Want to bring that style into your own home? I’ve got some great tips on how to do it: Jaclyn Colville- Hotel Style Bedroom

1. To start, make sure you use large pillow shams over standard pillows. Prop them right up against your headboard or your wall. It’s important to keep them upright.

2. Now you’ll want some standard pillows with regular covers to sleep on. Place these just in front of your pillow shammed pillows.

3. ‘Throw pillows’ are key. You can mix textures and patterns to add some flair to your bedroom. (*don’t worry if the pillows are different). I would recommend using either 2 or 3 throw pillows.

4. I personally think that the duvet is the most important part to your hotel style bedroom. The heavier the better. I would recommend an all white duvet cover. I just love how chic it looks. You could also look for a duvet cover that is framed. For example:

5.ย Fold a coverlet in half to hang across the bottom edge of your bed. This really completes the chic ‘hotel room feel’.

6. I like to add a throw blanket on top of the coverlet to finish the look.

Here are some examples I love:

ย  Jaclyn Colville- Hotel Style Bedroom



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