With Christmas and New Years just around the corner it’s time to set the table. After shopping around for some fun place matts and table runners I decided that it was way more fun to make them instead. This is what I came up with.

What you’ll need:

1. Place matts (I used some old ones I had purchased from the dollar store)
2. Double sided tape
3. Fabric ( I used about 1/2 meter)
4. Scissors

Step 1. Pick the place matts you want to use. *You can see that mine are old and stained. Time for a makeover!


Step 2. Line the edges of your place matts (just one side) With double sided tape (sticky side down).



Step 3. Peel off the non sticky side of your double sided tape.


Step 4. Place your fabric down on a surface. *Make note, this craft can get messy if you’re using sequins.


Step 5. Put your place matt on top of your fabric and fold the fabric over the edges. The fabric should stick to your double sided tape.


Step 6. Once you have at least one side attached to your place matt you can cut the excess material that hangs off along the other sides. *Make sure to leave enough fabric to fold over and stick to your place matt.


Step 7. Shake off the loose sequins and add your new place matt to your table’s decor.


* If Β you have extra material you can make a runner like I did. I cut a long skinny strip of my sequined fabric and placed it vertically down my table. You could also cut a thicker piece and place it horizontally across.


Here’s a video of my Holiday Place Matts on instagram: @jaclyncolville

Until our next craft,

xo Jackie


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