Now that 2014 is here I’m whipping my butt into DIY mode. I have a million things that I want to accomplish around my house and this year I’m not making excuses. For starters, I had been hoping to create a feature wall in our upstairs bathroom for some time now. Yesterday I bought the wallpaper and last night I finished the entire project by myself.

Now I must admit, if you’re a first time ‘wallpaperer’ it’s tricky. This was my second time and it was definitely much easier because I knew what to expect.

(Here is my bathroom before the wallpaper magic… boring.)


What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife
  • Wallpaper Tub
  • Water
  • Wallpaper
  • Wide Putty Knife
  • Towel

You start by measuring out the roll of wallpaper on your wall. How long of a strip will you need? I tend to place the top of the strip flat against the wall and align it will the ceiling. Then I move my hand down the wall to hold the wallpaper in place to mark where I need to cut at the bottom.

Once I mark my place I use a straight edge to draw a line on the back of my wallpaper as a guide for cutting. This way the bottom of my strip will be straight and the next strip will be straight enough to align with the ceiling. This is a crucial step if you’re using a patterned wallpaper.

(Drawing my straight line that I will cut along)


Once you have cut your strip it’s time to get it wet (this only applies to pre-pasted paper). I purchased this tub from Bouclair in a wallpaper kit. You fill it with water and pull your strip around the bar to make sure both sides get wet enough. It is key to make sure your paper is completely wet. If there is a dry patch it is not going to stick to the wall.

(This is how I run the wallpaper through the tub and around the bar)


(Pull the wallpaper through making sure that the back of the paper is completely wet)


When your strip of wallpaper is completely wet use a ladder or chair to align your strip with the wall and the ceiling. Use your wide putty knife to smooth out the paper. I like to move the putty knife side to side to push out any potential bubbles.

When you get to the bottom use your putty knife to create a crease. Follow your crease with an exacto knife and pull of the excess as you go along. You can also use scissors to cut along the crease.

(My first strip of wallpaper)


Repeat the previous steps horizontally across your wall.


After an hour (maybe two) you’ll have a smashing feature wall in your house. What a great way to start the new year. Remember, change is good!


Until our next DIY,

Jackie xo


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