Jaclyn Colville Chandelier


Step 1. Turn off the electrical circuit your working with.

  • Go to your house’s main electrical panel and switch off the circuit breaker for the room you are working in. Flip on the light switch in the room you are working in to confirm that there is no power.

Step 2. Remove the old lighting fixture. 

For my light fixture it took me a second to figure out how to disassemble it. I started by sliding off the glass cover.


Next, unscrew your light bulbs. 


Now unscrew the light from the electrical box. You will usually find two screws in the centre of the light. Unscrew them. You should now have access to your electrical box. 


Step 3. Unwind the wires that connect the light to the electrical box.

  • Be careful during this step. Remove the twist on connectors from the wiring.

First, use a circuit tester to make sure there is no electricity running through your wires. If not, proceed by separating the neutral wires, the hot wires and the copper wires from each other. Put the caps back on each wire when you are finished.



Step 4. Mounting Bar

  • Now it’s time to install your chandelier’s mounting bar. This should come in the box with your chandelier and must be installed before the next step. I was able to use the screws that held my previous light into the electrical box to attach my mounting bar in the same spot. The next step? Screw the top of your chandelier into your mounting bar and make sure it is secure (You may need someone to help you).

At this point the chandelier’s wires should already be pulled through the top of your chandelier.

Step 4. Connections. 

  • There should be details in your chandelier’s instructions as to which wire is the neutral and which is the hot wire. DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH! This goes for the wires from your chandelier and from your electrical box.

Wrap the light’s copper wire around the grounding screw and tighten it the screw. Then connect the end of the copper wire to the grounding wire in your electrical box (It should be a copper wire as well). Now strip ½ inch of insulation off the chandelier’s wiring. Use a twist-on connector (a cap as seen above) to join the chandelier’s neutral wires together. Repeat this step with the hot wires.  

_MG_2891 _MG_2899

Step 5. Tuck the wires away.

When all of wires are connected it’s time to tuck and fold them up into the electrical box. You want everything to be hidden.

Jackie's Chandelier

Step 6. Screw in the top of your chandelier to your ceiling. 

Make sure that the top canopy is flush with your ceiling and make sure that the wires are not sticking out.

Step 7. Now the lights!

Screw in your light bulbs.

Step 8. Turn the switch on your breaker panel back on. 

Head back into the room you’re working in and turn the light switch. Voila!

Jaclyn Colville's Chandelier

Jaclyn Colville Chandelier



  1. Brent Drysdale says:

    Great post Jacklyn…probably help many homeowners. Just one comment…if you have turned off the circuit at the panel there is no need to be worried if the wires touch one another…
    Keep up the great work! Your site is fantastic!


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