This week my friend Deepa Berar and I decided to give her desk a makeover. Deepa has a beautiful wedding venue in Burlington and was looking to update the front foyer. This is what we did.


Before you start this project here’s a list of things you’ll need:

  • a desk
  • sand paper
  • spray paint
  • rubber gloves


Step one: Sand your desk. Make sure you get every nick and cranny. (and remember… not too rough)


Step two: Cover your desk in spray paint. Make sure to leave the spout inside the nozzle when you spray your paint. ( Deepa and I learned that the hard way. If you take out the spout you’ll get paint splatter. You can put the spout back into the nozzle just as easily as you can remove it.)

*Move your hand in slow smooth motions and don’t sit on one spot for long to avoid paint trickles.


Step three: Let your desk try for at least half an hour (according to the instructions on your spray can).

Step four: Enjoy!


Until our next DIY,

Jackie xo


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