Last night for dinner I made the most amazing creation… salmon cakes. I had never made them before but I had an idea of what I might want to put in them so I went for it. To be honest,  I wasn’t planning to blog about them but they turned out so great that I had to share. Hope you get a chance to try them out.


What you’ll need:

– Clover leaf canned salmon (tomato onion flavour) 1 can

– ground flaxseed 1 1/2 tbsp

– water 3 tbsp

– cilantro 1 tbsp

– oatmeal 1/2 cup

– soy sauce 1 tbsp

– avacado 1 tbsp

– pepper 1 tsp

-club house chicken spice 1tsp

Step by Step:

Start by mixing your ground flax feed with water. Next add the rest of your ingredients and mix everything together in a bowl. Roll your finished product into 2 balls (each about the size of an apple). Grease your pan with either butter or oil and set your element to a medium heat. Place  your salmon patties onto your pan and flatten them out just a bit (like a thick burger). Keep an eye on the stove. You’ll want to flip your patties after about 5 minutes. Once both sides are a nice golden brown they’re ready to eat.

To Finish:  Mix 2 tbsps of mayonnaise with 1 tsp of chili pepper. Put a dollop on top of each salmon cake.

Hope you enjoy my little creation. I thought they were delicious!

Until our next DIY,



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