With all of the snow this weekend I decided to stay in and DIY. This is a project that I have been wanting to tackle for some time now. I finally went for it and I’m absolutely thrilled! It’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s a lot of fun. Check out my new piece of art!


What you’ll need:

  • Paint- I would recommend 3 colours
  • A Canvas
  • Paint Brush

I purchased all of my supplies at the dollar store.
Total Cost: $5.00

To start you will need your paint and a blank canvas.

Jaclyn Colville Abstract Painting

Pick one colour and put a bit of paint all over your canvas. You can see what I did below. (I used an old canvas so don’t be alarmed by the doodles).


Now take your paint brush and play around with the paint. Use circular motions, splatter or quick sharp movements. I’m sure you could even use your hands if you wanted to.

Once the paint is where you want it you can add your second colour. Repeat the previous steps.




Add as much or as little paint as you’d like and remember… have fun with it!


Until our next DIY,



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