What you’ll need:

    • 3 wooden floor tiles (I bought mine at ReStore for .50 cents each)
    • 1 can of spray paint
    • 1 can of wood stain
    • 1 paint brush
    • 1 bottle of Elmer’s Adhesive Glue

This project cost me a total of $8.00.

Start by using the wood stain and your paint brush to darken your wooden tiles. If you like the colour of the wood you purchased you can skip this step.



Next use the bottle of spray paint to paint your numbers. They must be completely dry before the next step.


Lay your wooden tiles the way that you want them to be displayed. You can stagger them or keep them aligned.

Now spray the back of your numbers with Elmer’s Adhesive Glue (try your best not to get it on your hands. It is very difficult to get off- gloves recommended).


Place your numbers where you would like them on your wooden tiles. Make sure you lay them over top of the crease line to connect your tiles.

Let your project dry for 24 hours.


For extra support you can use a glue gun and cover a paint stir stick with glue. Stick that to the back of your wooden tiles to hold them together.

Until our next DIY,



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