With Valentines Day just around the corner it’s time to finalize your plans. This year my hubby and I have decided to stay in but we still wanted to do something special. We thought we would save the 200-300 hundred dollars we would have spent on a fancy night out and cook some gourmet dishes at home instead. Fresh flowers on the table and some candle light… what’s more romantic than that?

If you plan on staying at home this Valentines Day here is my idea of the perfect 4 course meal. They always say, “food is the way to a man’s heart” right? haha

To start: Jenny Steffens: Lobster Bisque

To share: Cheddar-Beer Fondue Recipe

Main Course: Seared Scallops on Shaved Brussel Sprouts & Crispy Pancetta


Main Course: Prosiutto Wrapped Filets 

And for dessert: Brownie Layered Strawberry Cheesecake

Don’t forget the bubbly! Until our next DIY,

Jackie xo

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