Spring is finally here  (even if it doesn’t feel like it) which means warm temps are on the way. If you’re like me then you can’t wait to get started on some outdoor projects. Warm temps also mean I can get back to painting furniture in my garage! Here are some Spring DIYs for inspiration:


1. DIY Patio Rug

What I would do:

I would either paint an outdoor mat with a stencil or attempt to create my own stencil. I also think it would be a great idea to buy some outdoor fabric and make your very own rug. I would buy a pad (that you would normally place underneath your carpet) and wrap it in the outdoor fabric. Personally, I would love to choose a chevron or floral pattern.

2. DIY Seashell Lights

What I would do:

Paint a tray to match your patio decor.  Next, glue gun large sea shells to the tray (*keep them standing upright and open*). Buy some rocks from the dollar store and spread them out along the bottom your tray. Add battery operated lights and voila!


3. DIY Outdoor Herb Garden

What I would do:

I love both of these garden DIYs. I think the only thing I would add would be to hang it on a fence or a wall.

3. DIY Outdoor Pillows

What I would do:

I love both of these pillow ideas. Would love to try dip dyeing a pillow. It would be really cool to use an old burlap potato sac. Want to make your own? If you click on the link for feelinglovesome there is a great tutorial for making an envelope pillow cover. I would buy some outdoor (waterproof) material to make some cute and original pillows.

4. DIY Patio Table

What I would do:

Use a tin bucket as the base and then you could nail some boards together and use a saw to cut a large circle for the table top. I’m also thinking that you could use the top of an old dining room table or that glass would be a great alternative. This patio table would be great for entertaining. Think about it… you could fill the bucket with ice!

5. DIY Mason Jar Lights

What I would do:

First I’d need to buy the materials- metal chain, mason jars, candles and rocks (or beans as seen below). I have a feeling this entire project would cost under $10.00. Place your beans or rocks in the bottom of your mason jar. Add your candle. Screw on the lid (without the glass) Attach the chain on each side. Hang from nails along your fence.


Hope you’re feeling inspired. Until our next DIY,


Jackie xo




2 thoughts on “MY TOP 5 SPRING DIYS

  1. Steve says:

    I like the pallet herb garden (if only the snow would melt). The shell lights! That’s perfect for my bathroom! Great posts!

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