So I think we can all agree that if we didn’t want to wear the flower headbands before we DEFINITELY want to wear them now. I have to admit… this is a gutsy look to pull off. I totally feel comfortable wearing this at home but in public?!? We’ll see if that happens. I have a good feeling that we’re going to see a lot of these this spring and summer though. Obvi they were a hugggge hit at Coachella again this year and I think we’ll see this trend continue over the summer months.

Before we get to the tutorial I just want to explain the looks you can choose from.

Flower Headband 5

This is a dramatic look. Personally, I think this is great for photoshoots! I’m not so sure that I’d be confident enough to wear this out in public but to those who can… kudos to you! Honestly,Β  I think were going to see a lot of these this summer.

Flower Headband 1

So this is a lot more basic, a lot less dramatic but still just as fun. You will not believe how easy this headband is to make. Seriously. Plastic flowers, a glue gun and an elastic headband = magic.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic Flowers (I bought mine from the dollar store and pulled the flowers away from the stems)
  • Headbands (Look 1: a hard headband & a thick elastic headband | Look 2: an elastic headband | *I bought everything from the dollar store)
  • Glue
  • Glue Gun

Here’s the tutorial:

Until our next DIY,



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