Hey friends!

So I know I’ve been slacking on my blog posts lately… It’s been a busy summer. As much as I love weekends away at the cottage, nights out with friends and family bbqs I must admit… Β I’m ready for Fall. It’s finally time to cozy up and relax.

What have I been up to?


Jaclyn Colville - Summer 1 Jaclyn Colville - Summer 5 Jaclyn Colville - Summer 4 Jaclyn Colville - Summer 3 Jaclyn Colville - Summer 2



Tiny Talent Time:

Premieres Saturday September 6th @ 7pm

Jaclyn Colville - Summer 9 Jaclyn Colville - Summer 7 Jaclyn Colville - Summer 8

Fun at work:

My biggest achievement this summer (other than Tiny Talent Time)? Being asked to co-anchor the Morning Show. I had a great time filling in for Annette.

Jaclyn Colville- Summer 6Jaclyn Colville News Anchor

Bubble Soccer- What a blast!

Jaclyn Colville - Summer 10

Went Zip lining for the first time.

Jaclyn Colville - Summer 12

Was a reporter for the 6 o-clock news.

Jaclyn Colville - Summer 11

Future projects:

I’ve got a few exciting things in the works. Of course we’ll be posting our Bella Trois videos.

Check out our newest video: Our Favourite Sunglasses

I also have a book review for The Skinny Confidential coming up (LOVE HER), a few DIY Collaborations, a new house with many new DIY ideas,Β  i’ll finish posting my room reveals for my current place AND there will be some giveaways in the near future. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for more details.

Hope you had an amazing summer!

Until our next DIY!

Jackie xo



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