Have you started your Holiday shopping yet? Looking for some adorable gifts for a great price? I’ve got you covered. I was inspired by ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ to give you Twelve creative gift ideas ALL for under $25.00. Enjoy!

1. Set of 10 Stir Sticks for $22

Stir Sticks

2.  Monogrammed Wine Stoppers for $15.90

Monogrammed Wine Stopper

3. Juice Carafe for $15.50

Juice Carafe

4.  Adorable Modern Vase for $17.50



5. TNA Leggings for $22


6. TNA Bralette for $25Bralette

7. TNA Mittens for $12


8.  Faux Fur Ear Muffs $24.50

Fur Ear Muffs

9.  Monogrammed Mugs $6.00

Monogrammed Mugs

10. Adorable Salt & Pepper Shakers for $15

Salt and Pepper Shakers

11.  Fabric Wrapped Soaps for $7


12.  Apothecary Candles for $22

Apothecary candle

Check back on Thursday for our next Bella Trois video.

Until next time,

Jackie xo




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