Front Foyer

Photo from Pinterest.

Ok ok. I’ll admit that this isn’t my front hallway. I wish it was. I love the thin, tall tables and I’m absolutely drooling over these stripes.

What’s the lesson here?

Your front foyer is the first thing your guests see when they walk into your house. It’s the very first impression they’ll have. But what if you’re dealing with an awkward space? I’ve come up with a genius idea to get around that.


 A screen encloses the space and makes it feel like it’s a room on it’s own. Not following? Check out the inspiration boards I’ve made to get a better idea.


Jaclyn Colville Front Foyer 1

OPTION 2: Jaclyn Colville Front Foyer 2


Jaclyn Colville Front Foyer 3

Leave me a comment below and let me know which rug you would choose. You can see how each rug COMPLETELY changes the look of the space. I love the combination of the colours and textures and  I’m a total sucker for a faux fur throw.

Until next time,



One thought on “FRONT FOYER FUN

  1. John McAlley says:

    Great foyee ideas. I will have to show them to my wife. on second thought maybe not. It might cost me a lot of money. Anyway love your dog in your cover photo. Seriously though some very good ideas Jaclyn.

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