What you’ll need:

DIY Mercury Glass Items


DIY Mercury Glass Table 5


DIY Mercury Glass Table 1

Step 1: Clean your surface. I flipped my glass table top upside down and wiped down the glass before applying the spray paint.

DIY Mercury Glass Table 2

Step 2: Coat your glass with Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect.

Step 3: Let Dry (In the image below you can see where there are still wet spots. Once the splotches have cleared you can move onto the next step).

DIY Mercury Glass Table 3

Step 4: Spritz your mixture of 1/2 water 1/2 rubbing alcohol all over your glass.

Step 5: Use paper towel to blot up what you have just sprayed. You can use your nails and a variation of pressure to create a different look.

DIY Mercury Glass Table 4

Step 6: Repeat until you get the desired look you’re going for.

DIY Mercury Glass Table 6

As opposed to being see through you can tell that the tableΒ now has a mirrored finish. I also tried this technique on vases. I think anyΒ mantel would look FANTASTIC covered in them.DIY Mercury Glass Vase

If you missed my tutorial on Morning Live you can watch it here:

Jaclyn Colville Mercury Glass Table 2

I really hope you get to try this out. It’s easy, it’s fun and it looks great.

Until next time,



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