Is there a better way to ring in the new year than with newborns!? I didn’t think so (NO I’m not pregnant). Last month I attended a ‘Head On Hands’ workshop and I wanted to share the photos I took.

As promised, I told you I would share photos from my recent shoot and I would share photography tips.


I was joined by four other amazing photographers who have all made photography into a business. It was truly inspiring!


For this shoot I used my Prime Lens (50mm 1.8). We used diffused natural window light for the photos.


In the workshop we learned how to pose a baby for a ‘Head On Hands’ shoot. You can see in the photo below that the mother had to hold the baby’s head up with one finger. I should mention, these babies are 5-14 days old. That’s it! So they can’t even hold their heads up (… why we needed the finger in place).

During the workshop our instructor said, “Then you just edit out the finger later.” I think my mouth dropped. How the heck was I supposed to edit a full finger out of a baby’s head!?!? Well… I did it.


Here’s a screen grab from my computer. You can see that I was able to get rid of the redness across the baby’s forehead and under her nose. I removed the finger and reshaped the baby’s head. I also changed the baby’s skin tone. I was able to reduce the redness and create a ‘porcelain’ look. I used Photoshop for all of this.

Jaclyn Colville Photography New Born Photo Edit

Ready for the REVEALS?

Baby Workshop Polka Dot Blanket.jpg Baby Workshop- Grey Background.jpgJaclyn Colville Photography Newborn 1

I’m just so happy with how they turned out.

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