This was an impromptu photo shoot. I was hanging out with my good friend Cara (You may recognize her from our Bella Trois videos). We used to work together at CHCH News. Anyways, I had my camera and I thought… PHOTO SHOOT! The sun was shining and we had just enough time to get some shots before it went down.

Today’s Lesson:

Most of the time your picture will look darker on your computer than it does on the screen of your camera. This helps me judge if I need to let more light into my lens. Keep in mind, it’s always better to have a darker photo than an over exposed one. If your image is dark you can always lighten it after it’s imported. If your photo is over exposed you’ll find that you’ll lose a lot of colour when you try to darken it.


ISO 200

SS 1/500

I did bring up the brightness (quite a bit) after importing these photos but I absolutely LOVE how they turned out.

Jaclyn Colville Photography- Cara 2.jpg
Jaclyn Colville Photography- Cara 3.jpgJaclyn Colville Photography- Cara 5.jpg

ISO 200

SS 1/640
Jaclyn Colville Photography- Cara 7.jpgJaclyn Colville Photography- Cara 6.jpg

Isn’t she gorgeous!? To tell you the truth, I never noticed how stunning Cara’s eyes were. Send her some love and let us know what you think. I always love hearing from you all.

Don’t forget to tune in Monday for ‘Music Monday’!

Until next time,

Jackie xo


6 thoughts on “CARA | HEADSHOTS

  1. nakedaquarist says:

    Excellent work Jaclyn… Yes and you both are very lovely.

    I have a friend who is a Transgender MtF woman. She wants to get some personal shots taken of herself. Would you know any one in the London, Ontario area?

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