If you’re from the GTHA and you haven’t heard of Natalie Sexton… what rock have you been under!? This woman is a POWER HOUSE. Natalie is a Stylist on the Marilyn Dennis Show. You may have also seen her Beauty Segments on CHCH News. Natalie has her own Fashion line, Makeup Line, Jewellery Line and she does Makeup as well!

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun with this Fashion shoot. Helps when you’re working with a model ;).

I love how bright this first look is. In the winter months it’s always easy to put on black or grey. We’ve all done it. Get the look below:

Blanket Scarf – $30

Lipstick – $22

Red Hat – $25

ISO 200     SS 1/125

Natalie Sexton - Edited 23.jpg

Natalie Sexton - Edited 12.jpg

Natalie Sexton - Edited 16.jpg

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the knit cape Natalie is rocking in the next set of photos. You can’t go wrong with neutral. Check out that leaf belt… I was honestly drooling!

Knit Cape – $45

Leaf Belt – $18

Lipstick – $22

ISO 200      1/ 200

Natalie Sexton- Edited 36.jpg

Natalie Sexton- Edited 29.jpg


This next item is pretty cool. It’s a poncho scarf! You can wear it as seen in the photo OR wrap it around your neck to wear it as a scarf. Who would have thought to pair it with a dress? Natalie did.

Infinity Scarf – $25

ISO 200      1/100

Natalie Sexton - Edited 38.jpg

Natalie Sexton - Edited 46.jpg

Natalie Sexton - Edited 57.jpg

Last but not least, in these next photos Natalie is wearing a super cute blanket scarf and a stunning necklace from Sexton in The City. Deets below.

The Soft Tartan Blanket Scarf – $30

Necklace – $30

Lipstick – $22

ISO 200     SS 1/ 60

Natalie Sexton - Edited 62.jpgNatalie Sexton - Edited 71.jpgNatalie Sexton - Edited 69.jpg


Check back on Music Monday for my next video.

Until next time,

Jackie xo




  1. Micheal Duranyik says:

    You’re becoming very professional very quickly Jaclyn!!! I think flooding your site with selfies would be great practice!!! Might be selfish on my part lol

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