It’s Snap Saturday! Today I’m sharing some photos from a recent photo shoot AND my TOP 5 Winter Photography Tips.

As many of you know, you can’t chose the weather you get for a shoot. The day we took these photos it was FREEZING. I mean ‘doors freezing shut’ kind of cold. Lindsay and Greg were troopers. They brought hot chocolate and some blankets to keep them warm. We found a back road with a field to take these shots and I just love the way they turned out. I think we jumped into my car every 5 to 10 minutes just to let our bodies defrost. I hope they thought it was worth it. I did :). (How friggen cute are they!?)

MY TOP 5 Winter Photography Tips:

  1. Dress warm!
  2. Prepare to be cold but make sure you have a backup plan. Is there somewhere you can warm up and defrost? Check in with your clients to make sure they aren’t freezing.
  3. Ask your clients to look at Pinterest photos and poses before the shoot. Ask them to show you the poses and photos that they liked. This will save you time trying to reconfigure and repose the shot when you’re out in the cold.
  4. Did I say dress warm?
  5. Be VERY careful not to overexpose your shots. I have learned that the photos in my viewfinder will always be darker when I import them… however, the snow acts as a natural reflector. Be very careful that you have enough colour and contrast in your photo. You can always brighten the images later.

What are your tips for outdoor winter shoots? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Lindsay & Greg - Edited 4.jpgLindsay & Greg - Edited 5.jpgLindsay & Greg - Edited 6.jpgLindsay & Greg - Edited 7.jpgLindsay & Greg - Edited 11 copy.jpgLindsay & Greg - Edited 16.jpgLindsay & Greg - Edited 10.jpgLindsay & Greg - Edited 9.jpg

Until next time,

Jackie xo



  1. Joel Bisson says:

    My problem with my camera is lighting and everything in the viewfinder is lighter then the picture taken in my case, I haven’t used manual for long I just got this camera in September, a Canon EOS 30D which someone said was bad with lighting situations.

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