Thanks for all of the feedback on my Interior Design Styles Post! With that being said, this is Part Two.

Let me know what your favourite style is in the comments below.

1. Classic Contemporary

Tends to highlight art on the wall, curved lines in the furniture, minimal contrast, softer colour scheme, colours are complementary.

Contemporary Design- By Jaclyn Colville.png

2. Funky

With ‘Funky Design’ you’ll notice big bulky chairs, stark lines of tables with metal legs and clean table tops. This style is visibly entertaining.

Funky Design- By Jaclyn Colville.png

3. New York (My favourite of these 3)

With New York Design you’ll find neutral paint colours that contrast with the furniture. Wide rooms are common. Eye catching accents as light fixtures and storage that is hidden in furniture are elements that are preferred.


New York Style- By Jaclyn Colville.png

Did you miss my last Design Style Post? You can see it here:

Until next time,

Jackie xo




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