I’m an Auntie! My best friend Steph and her husband Brandon just welcomed a fur baby to their family. This is Sadie. I’ll be calling her Sadie Baby from now on (Sorry guys). These are photos of the first time Steph met Sadie. Enjoy!

In these shots I’m using a 70-200mm lens. I did brighten up the photos afterwards. I love doing that.

During the shoot I made Steph turn her back to the sun. I wanted to shoot directly into the sun to get some lens flares in the shot. I did find it hard to focus when the sun was directly behind her. My tip? Have the sun almost completely out of frame. You can have it in the far left/right corner of the shot. Try it!

My photography style could be described as – bright, light photos with low contrast and low saturation.

Here are the settings that I used for the photos below:

ISO 100      f/4         SS 1/250 

Stepher & Baby - Edited 12.jpgStepher & Baby - Edited 17.jpg
Stepher & Baby - Edited 11.jpg
Stepher & Baby - Edited 7 (Updated).jpgStepher & Baby - Edited 5 (Updated).jpg

Check back on Music Monday!

Until next time,

Jackie xo


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