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Ryan and I just got home from a week long stay in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. We had traveled to Cancun about 7 years ago for Spring Break… that was a very different trip. This time we stayed at an ‘Adults Only’ resort and I would definitely recommend it. The resort was quiet (but not too quiet), clean and the food was amazing! On our first night we sat at a table with 10 guests to enjoy some Teppanyaki (If you’re thinking what the heck is that!? Don’t worry… I didn’t know what it was either). We ended up spending a lot of time with the friends we had made. Actually, one night we all went down to Playa Del Carmen to go to Coco Bongo. That show is INSANE! We also had a blast at the foam party at our resort. When we weren’t partying or enjoying the amazing food at the resort we definitely spent our time at the beach. It did rain quite a lot while we were there but we ended up getting a bit of sun every single day.

Overall, great trip. If you’re curious about our resort just click here.


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Jaclyn Colville Bikini

Until next time,

Jackie xo

Sidenote: If you haven’t read ‘ROOM’ yet… you should really really really read it.




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