Many of you were asking me about the bikinis I wore in Mexico well…  I am IN LOVE with this brand.


Most girls love shoes or handbags or clothes…. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bathing suit girl. I must say, these bikinis fit like a glove. I was so excited to open my package when they arrived and not only are the bikinis absolutely adorable but they come in a super cute travel bag! You can actually pack up your travel bag and bring it to the beach with all your essentials.

These bikinis were designed by one of the best-  Jessika Allen. With that in mind, you’re investing in a ‘designer’ piece from her collection. I honestly can’t say enough about them. You’ll notice how well made they are when you put them on. The cut outs are made with ultimate precision and the material is so soft and sensual. Essentially, it’s custom swimwear that is definitely one of a kind. In fact, people would not stop commenting on my bikinis (especially the ‘Crossover Bikini’) when I was walking along the beach.

Haven’t seen them yet? Check them out below:

_MG_9372.jpg_MG_9377.jpg_MG_9376.jpgJaclyn Colville Bikini 2.JPGJaclyn Colville Bikini.jpg
_MG_9344.jpg_MG_9343.jpg IMG_6228.JPG

Check back on Monday. I’ve got a great DIY Camera Hack!

Until next time,

Jackie xo


4 thoughts on “JETS SWIMWEAR

  1. nakedaquarist says:

    Awesome!!! Love the bikinis…It’s refreshing to see some one so happy.
    I have never been any where Tropical. Where do you purchase Jets Bikinis?

    Where would you suggest for some one on a very tight budget?

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