My bestie is an Urban Barn- aholic. It’s her favourite store. Actually, she goes there so often all the store associates know her lol. Anyways, they were hosting this ‘Workshop’ the other night and she asked me to join. Of course I said COUNT ME IN!

Jill Fraser was the special guest. She’s an Interior Designer from Hamiton-Burlington and she was showing everyone

How To Decorate For Spring!

The Living Room


The first room we walked through was the living room. Jill was saying that Orange is a GREAT colour this year. Navy blue is always a great neutral colour but I loved this combination. Not only will you find the colour on the pillows and throw blankets but on the coffee table as well.


I love this tray of votives and the pop of colour they bring to the table. The frame is such an interesting idea as well. To tell you the truth, I’ve never thought to put a picture frame on my coffee table but I love the idea!


The Foyer

Right when you walk into the home this is the first thing everyone will see. Set the tone for your house by adding a splash of colour in the entry way. Jill chose the navy and orange combination and decided to repeat this throughout the house.


She kept saying: ‘Make sure your home is true to you. Add your personal touches!’ That could be a cute quote, pictures of your family or even a piece that you love like the mermaid on this table.


Check back next Tomorrow for Part Two! Jill uses whites, greens and blues to create more of a neutral spring look. Also, find out what goodies I picked up.

Until next time,

Jackie xo




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