Jaclyn Colville GET THE LOOK- Grey Living Room.png

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Click the pictures for item deets. I’m sourcing items to give you the look above.

Jaclyn Colville- Wayfair Tufted Couch 2.png


Jaclyn Colville- Wayfair Velvet Pillows.png

Jaclyn Colville- Wayfair Artwork.png

I just LOVE this lamp from West Elm. To get a similar look obviously you could change up the lampshade or find a white base for your lamp and again change the lampshade to black.

Jaclyn Colville Lamp

Jaclyn Colville Coffee Table.png
Now I really like these black side tables however if you’re using the lamps I showed you above… I would probably go with a white table so that your lamps really pop! Ir you’re looking for side tables that are similar to the tables in the living room these could be the ones for you:

Jaclyn Colville Black Coffee Tables.png

Last but not least… don’t forget your curtains. I love a good curtain in ANY room. I think it really frames your look at the outdoors. Curtains can seem expensive but I always find they are a great investment!

Jaclyn Colville Grey Curtains.png

Thanks for reading. I hope you like this look as much as I do. Check back tomorrow for a new Feature Friday!

-Jackie xo



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