Claire Brody Designs.png

It’s Feature Friday! Today I’m Featuring one amazing Interior Stylist:


With designs like this how can you not be a fan of her work? That mustard chair…. that painting… look out cause I’m coming for ya!

Claire Brody Designs 2.png

Claire actually went to school to be a teacher. When she was offered a teaching position she surprisingly turned it town because she wanted to pursue the wonderful life of blogging. She wanted to be an Interior Stylist but did not have the budget to go back to school. With that said, she got creative (as any Interior Stylist would do) and learned online. She took several courses that I am SO EAGER to try out and has established herself and her business in just one year!

Claire Brody 1

Claire knew that she had to build on her experience in order to create a worthy portfolio (Both things I am working towards as well). Today, she has a steady flow of clients and you can see why.

Claire Brody Designs 4.png

I think this nursery is my favourite of the bunch. I love the beautifulย carpet, those STUNNING drapes, that chandelier is to die for AND that wallpaper… I mean COME ON! (#drooling #butseriously)


BIG thanks to Claire for letting me feature her on jaclyncolville.com and for letting me use her BEAUTIFUL pics.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Feature Friday. Check back tomorrow for a ‘Home Tour’ from Jenna Sue one of my FAVS!

Chat soon,

-Jackie xo



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