Well this is exciting!

First off, I’m finally getting back to blogging. I’m sorry I took such a long hiatus. With my job changes and career changes it’s taken me a little while to get back in the groove. Of course it’s always that much more special when you can share a project that’s near and dear to your heart. So today, I’m happy to tell you that I’m working on a MAJOR renovation and first up is the Kitchen.

Here’s a look at my initial vision for the space:

Jaclyn Colville Home Reno Design

I have ALWAYS loved navy cabinets. My vision for this space is to actually have a custom navy island and it’s going to be MASSIVE. We met with our contractor yesterday and he was suggesting that we could actually build a custom island that will be 4×10 ft. Incredible right!? I’m actually thinking we’ll go with 4×9 but I’d love to tape it out and see just how big it’sย really going to be.

With the navy and white cabinetry I thought it would be incredible to have gold hardware (something I’ve seriously been drooling over forever). I want to use a variety of pulls to make things look a little more custom, a gold gooseneck faucet (still on the hunt for this) and I’m currently debating between a porcelain farm house sink OR a stainless steel undermount. Would love you to weigh in on your thoughts in the comments below.

For now, I’m set on a simple white 3×6 subway tile. I’m debating if I want to change up the direction of the tile. Like this:

Jaclyn Colville Kitchen Reno 2- Subway Tile.png

After seeing a recent Studio McGee Kitchen Install I highly contemplated going with a lighter blue island. This is the kitchen I’m talking about:

Jaclyn Colville Kitchen Reno 3.png


I actually did contemplate a light grey as well… and now that I’m seeing these photos I’m back to being indecisive. The first things we need to firm up will be the appliances and the sinkย so I’ve got time to make up my mind.

Jaclyn Colville Kitchen Reno 4.png




Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for Reno updates on Mondays! I’m thinking of calling this series Makeover Mondays. Tune in for the fun- right here on

Chat soon,





  1. Ann Behnke says:

    I like the light blue island with maybe a grey base in the paint color. It will balance the navy and white tiles and give potentially more accents to the whole kitchen design.

    • jaclyncolville says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback Ann! I love that light blue island as well. It’s so different and I completely agree about having a grey base. Makes it a bit more neutral. I can’t wait to see this all come together. Appreciate your input.

  2. Sante says:

    I would go with the light gray island you can always add darker accents, also it depends on how natural light your kitchen gets, nothing worse than having to turn on lights in the morning or early afternoon

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