Happy Friday!

Hope you’ve got some plans for the weekend. This weekend we’ll be relaxing. My hubby and his parents have been working so so so so hard on our house this week. I actually feel badly that I haven’t been involved that much but I don’t want to breathe in all the dust and dirt and I definitely don’t want to hurt myself while pregnant. I attempted to pull up some staples the one night and thought I might pull something in my stomache! Am I crazy? lol

Jaclyn Colville- Our Home Reno Behind The Scenes

We are so thankful to everyone that helped us out this past week- Ryan’s parents, my dad, my uncle and my cousin Nathaniel. All the walls are down, floors are up, trim is off and every single staple has been pulled out of the floor (there were too many). You guys can watch our behind the scenes video of OUR HOME RENO here.

If you missed the before photos just click here.

Thanks so much for following along. We’ll have a new video every week!

Jackie xo


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