Can’t believe we’ve owned our home for about 8 weeks now. The renos are literally flying by! I mean… we move in in just 2 weeks. Is it terrible that we haven’t started packing yet? I’m stressing out my entire family haha. Ryan and I are totally stress free though.

Jaclyn Colville Fireplace.jpg

So this week there has been a lot of progress (even though it might not look like it). We finally have new drywall on the ceilings and walls. WOOHOO! They had to build out a few of our walls to give some extra support and take some pressure off of the windows. The best part about this week? Our fireplace has been built out. I am SO FLIPPIN EXCITED. Our fireplace from Dimplex arrived so fast (which we were so thankful for). It made things so much easier on our contractors to have the unit in place for measuring and building around. We ended up going with the brand new 42″Β ‘Revillusion‘ model and I can’t wait to see it in action. That post is coming very soon! For now, here’s a look at some progress:


Click the link to see some before and afters of our home renovation. I’m in awe of how much has changed.


New video next Friday! Stay tuned.



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