Yesterday, our kitchen got installed and we are beyond THRILLED! It was a bit risky going with a navy kitchen island but I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out. Now I’m dying to see the countertops installed.

Navy Kitchen Island.jpg

I thought we’d get to sleep at the house tonight but we’ll see if that ends up happening. Regardless, we’ll be living there tomorrow. The appliances and cable will be installed and we’ll start unpacking the boxes that are literally everywhere. I’m not stressed about it but I’m not going to lie… I’m a little overwhelmed. Unpacking is the WORST. I’d pack for 10 people before I unpacked for myself.

Fun fact… we’ve got a few video features that are coming up AND a special announcement that I’ll share next week (and no… for the zillionth time we’re not having twins! haha).

Thank you guys so much for following along and supporting our journey. I got my very first youtube payment the other day. Crazy right!? You can actually make some money making these videos. I made a whopping $153 and I am so proud. THANK YOU for your support.

Can’t wait to see how the house looks next week and of course I can’t wait to show YOU.

Jackie xo


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