Hey I’m Jackie! I’m an Interior Stylist.Jaclyn Colville - ABOUT.jpg
Powered by a passion for pillows, fresh flowers and coffee, I am constantly inspired to create stylish and livable spaces.
After graduating with a degree in Media, Theory and Production from The University of Western Ontario, I continued my education in Television Broadcasting at Fanshawe College. Having a production background and taking courses in both Photoshop and Final Cut have enabled me to expand my Interior Design Services:

Mood Boards


Virtual Floor Plans

3D Renderings


My Backstory: I started my career at CHCH News in 2012 with an internship where I worked the studio cameras. With ambition to be in front of the camera I studied meteorology and learned how to use WSI (the weather system at the station). For four and a half years I co-hosted the earliest morning show in all of Canada, I co-hosted one of the longest running children’s programs in all of Canada (Tiny Talent Time) and I was the DIY Guru for Morning Live. My career came to an abrupt halt when CHCH went bankrupt in December 2015. Since then, I have made appearances on The Marc and Mandy Show and am currently a Host at The Shopping Channel in Canada. With a passion for interiors and an eye for design I decided to make a career out of my true passion. For inquiries contact:


2 thoughts on “

  1. betty says:

    I enjoyed waking up to see you on morning live!
    I will miss your smiling face and upbeat approach. My comments may be late in coming, but they are sincere.
    You are so talented.. Wow, photography too. My sister Sharon has gotten into that as well. It has helped her deal with a lot of life challenges. There is so much to snap out there.. Perspective is everything

    You take care and have a Very Merry 2015 Christmas.. It is a new beginning for you.

    All the best Betty

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