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Feeling like a new take on some homemade soup? I’ve got the perfect recipe for you!

First off, once you prep your vegetables you can literally make this soup in about 5 minutes flat. WOW RIGHT!? Just throw in all of your ingredients and let the Kenmore Pro puree and heat it up for you. It’s literally ready to serve in just 5 minutes. You can top it off with some sour cream, yogurt or ricotta cheese and don’t forget the cilantro (unless you hate cilantro… you know how it is. You either love it or hate it and I LOVE it).

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On Thursday night I was invited to check out the new #MethLab Studio on Wellington Street W. It was an exclusive media event to showcase the grand opening of their new space and it was #lit! (That’s what the cool kids are saying these days right? lol)

Right when you walk into the space you feel like you’re in a subway station. I literally inspected the walls to find that they used wallpaper but I could have sworn it was paint. It was really hard to tell. Looked incredible! A fitting entrance for such a creative agency.

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